Promote awareness of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), encourage greater inclusiveness in our work environment, and provide hope to those who have loved ones with ASD. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) impacts each individual differently and is typically characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. Individuals with ASD are considered neurodistinct due to genetic differences in neurological functioning.

Many individuals with Autism, called "autistics", have noticeable external physical characteristics such as rocking, tapping, hand wringing, humming - among other things. These actions are called "stimming" and are used to channel neurological energy to increase social interaction capabilities.

Our work is to accomplish three primary objectives:

Past events

2019 ,  Autism in HighTech Summit

Very encouraging, there were ~400 people RSVPed from over 50+ companies and schools, institutes over Bay Area with a full house of attendees at a 10X size compared to many similar events. We were thrilled to have you with us, and were very impressed by the positive sentiment from all of you. We hope you have had time to reflect on what you have learned as well. 

Neurodiversity Awareness for

 Managers Summit 

Feb 2021 

Are you aware that your team member(s) may have a special talent?

Do you know how valuable a neurodistinct report can be when they provide an alternative perspective in a project?

This is the first neurodiversity summit for managers at company wide level across PAs from Google/Alphabet to                       

In our second panel, moderated by Miguel Feldens, two Googler reportee/manager pairs shared their journey:  challenges, opportunities, strategies, tips, and communication best practices that work. 

This later becomes two blog post featured by Google


Neurodiversity is the new creativity

2022  April 20  Wednesday 


Tech On the Spectrum is honored to invite Luiza Laloni, General Director of La Casa de Carlota São Paulo to give us a speech. 

During the speech, we'll talk about the innovative and the power of neurodiversity in agencies and graphic design, showing a bit of how La Casa de Carlota create and manage projects, and how autistic, down syndrome designers being a critical role for their success.

Experience Yourself  Through the Neurodiversified Art Design Workshop

2022  April 21 Thursday

La Casa de Carlota, a very successful design company based in San Paulo, Brazil. 

They are going to have a workshop activity with us with their autistic, down syndrome designers. From this workshop, you'll have first-hand experience to open your minds, explore, experience together with neurodiversified art designers through practicing.   

We hope through the journey, you can truly feel and understand how neurodiversity is valuable in our work and life. 

Every April, many autism communities celebrate World Autism Month beginning with United Nations-sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day. Throughout the month, the groups will focus on coming together in unity and collaboration by fostering worldwide support, sharing stories and connecting to create a more inclusive world.

From there, we will discuss some of the key themes for the neurodiversity communities,  such as:

You are very welcome to join us & register here.