Past Events

Neurodiversity is the new creativity

2022 April 20 Wednesday


  • Language: English

Tech On the Spectrum is honored to invite Luiza Laloni, General Director of La Casa de Carlota São Paulo to give us a speech.

During the speech, we'll talk about the innovative and the power of neurodiversity in agencies and graphic design, showing a bit of how La Casa de Carlota create and manage projects, and how autistic, down syndrome designers being a critical role for their success.

Experience Yourself Through the Neurodiversified Art Design Workshop

2022 April 21 Thursday

  • Time: 10AM EST/7AM PST/4PM EMEA

  • Duration: 1.5 hour

  • Prerequisite

    • Language: Spanish Only

    • Prepare mark pen, magazines that can be shred off, scissors, glue

  • RSVP - Capacity 25 max, we'll run a lucky draw and then have a confirmation with you to secure your slot.

La Casa de Carlota, a very successful design company based in San Paulo, Brazil.

They are going to have a workshop activity with us with their autistic, down syndrome designers. From this workshop, you'll have first-hand experience to open your minds, explore, experience together with neurodiversified art designers through practicing.

We hope through the journey, you can truly feel and understand how neurodiversity is valuable in our work and life.